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This is where I play…creativity is, after all, grounded in play.  Boy, that’s an oxymoron!  What’s grounded about play?  And, if a person is truly about creation, they must be able  and willing to lose themselves in it.  So, come get lost with me for a while. And, as you do, I hope you’ll be stimulated to find that place where you lose your conscious Self, forget what anyone else thinks about what you do, what you like or how you do it and just DO IT.

Click on Stories to read the pieces that are pretty much from my imagination.

Click on Articles to read the pieces that are mostly true, believe it or not.

Click on Erotica to…well, that’s another story.

Here are my essays...the products of years of journaling tramped, squoze and aged like fine red wine to remove the bitterness and deliver (hopefully) the sweet lesson. Most were in "Hot Flashes-Cold Showers," a one-woman show I premiered here on Vashon October 17, 2008. You can read them or watch the video, where it's indicated. Enjoy!


The Serious...
"Giving Voice" illustrates the impact one listening heart can have on a growing child. The video

"Most Saturdays" is an exercise in describing the agony and the ecstasy of art. The video

"Making Friends" struggles to package a parent's friendship with her adult child. No video

"Passing On" is how transformation can arrive on tiny wings. No video

The Funny...
"Late Blooming Adventure" is the story of what can happen when you insist on living your dreams. The video

"Body Scrub" divines the healing power of a litle salt. (Available only in video at the moment.)

"All Those Grandchildren" is a warning that you just never know what your kids will grow up to do.
The video

"Chicago'...well, it's just another of a million stories. The video

"You Did What?!" works on accepting what your children do, no matter how stupid. The video

"Lyrical Lies" ...just the song 'n' dance of relationships. Video only

"Hannah St. Charles" is my alter ego...every girl should have one. No video






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