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sold out showThe following tunes on THE MUSIC page are for your listening pleasure (or not) depending on what your musical tastes are. There's some progressive rock to country to world music.......most of the stuff is original from one of the Lukenfranz gang of musicians, which by the way, is growing the more it sticks around.

The word "Lukenfranz" originated during one of our regualr Cafe Luna gigs. We would always go for beer and french fries across the way at Bishop's, where we would unwind with a group of friends. As we were talking about all the different players and different bands Luke played with, it would be referred to as "Luke and Friends". That sounded so "Pedestrian" that there was no way it could be used to represent a group of musicans that were cooler than that. All at once, out of the back of the group gathered around came a voice...."Why don't you call it Lukenfranz?".......yeah, yeah....not the best story...however, the truth.

So Let the music begin. But first, I gotta explan how it's layed out:

I have the tunes basically labeled 4 ways:

1) Scratch-basically artists ideas on paper;

2) First cut -more formalized version, usually not all tracks are recorded yet;

3) Live-just that, and;

4) Final-usually is as far as it went as we probably got bored or our A.D.D. kicked in.

**you'll usually see some version numbers (3.1, 5.7, 6.7.1, etc) that depicts how far along the song is progressing. These are identified primarily on the "First Cut" series, but can also be on the Finals.

**I'm also posting tunes that are in various stages for other musicians I'm working with. They'll usually be identified as a working draft or demo. There'll usually be some part of a scratch instructional vocal on it too. Feel free to take a listen

If you'd like to comment on any of them, such as have suggestions as to what you think might be cool sounding, just email me. We'd be glad to hear your comments

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