Welcome To Our World-Vashon, 2014


Welcome to our world…
This is a place where we – Luke McQuillin and Susan McCabe – leave our creative tracks for you to walk in if you like, comment on if you will, and simply enjoy.  We do this in the spirit of – What fun is it to create something if it isn’t shared?

Luke is about music.  He’s been playing it, writing and performing it for over 40 years.  When you go to his page, Music, you’ll find his compositions in various stages of both musical and technical development.  For you musicians out there, the technical development may be of interest.  For you musicphiles, the musical development will likely entertain you more.  Luke’s original compositions include country rock, usually recorded with his friends in the band 5:01; rock’n’roll – some older stuff of indeterminate performance and some funk with spunk…instrumental jam material generally recorded with his comrades in a scrumptious band called Turner Down, now Car/go Jam is hot on the rise.  He’ll introduce you to all his fellow players on his Music page, and you can wile away the hours just listening.

Susan (that’s me) is about words.   I’ve been writing all my life, professionally for more years that we can count here.  When you go to my page, Susan’s Sandbox, you’ll find essays – some funny, some poignant, some philosophical, etc. – a few stories and some recordings.  You can read them all.  Some are recorded as audio podcasts you can download to your iPod if you like.  Some are in a video recording of my one-woman show titled “Hot Flashes-Cold Showers.”    You’ll also find some of the video features I’ve done on Voice of Vashon TV, part of the petite media conglomerate located on our tiny home island of Vashon.  Where’s that? you ask…

About Vashon Island
Vashon Island sits in Puget Sound outside Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest USA.  It’s accessible only by ferry boat (and we want to keep it that way), and it’s just a 10 to 15-minute boat ride from Seattle or Tacoma, WA and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.  We consider it a chunk of paradise… and our beloved home.

Vashon is a sophisticated rural island, often compared to Martha’s Vineyard on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, but not quite as hoity-toity just yet.  It’s a place inhabited by artists of all stripes, and these artists often collaborate to make their most creative dreams come true.  Sometimes Vashon creations spread their wings beyond the island.  Sometimes they glow at home.  Most times we islanders applaud the effort and do all we can to keep the art coming.  That’s why Luke and I live here, and we invite you to join us.

To learn more about Vashon, go to any of these websites:

…just Google Vashon Island and you’ll get it.


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